I have been trying to be too creative with the story and gotten myself tied up in things that don’t matter as far as an overarching idea is concerned. The overarching idea comes first. When applying a narrative to a brand, a myth is simple and effective and it can drive all other things.

My Question : What kind of narrative could be crafted, relying on the myth of Paris, to effectively inspire joining the brand that is Cafe de Paris within its marketplace?

The name Cafe de Paris comes with certain expectations.

What does Paris mean to the marketplace in which the cafe resides?

Romance. Fresh flowers. Beauty. Good coffee. Fine pastries. Cheese. Wine. Delicious crepes. Natural produce. Jams made from fresh fruit. Artistry. Refinement. A rich history full of culture.

The Narrative:

Paris is a city, but it is also a mythic place in the eyes of our market.

Cafe de Paris is not a coffee shop, its a gateway to that mythic place.  It’s where you find the good life, natural produce and jams made from fresh fruit. It’s a place of love and romance. It’s the delicate aroma of fresh roasted coffee, hand made crepes and pastries that melt in your mouth. It is the simple pleasures done beautifully and with value for artistry. Cafe de Paris is the delivery of the myth. It’s a gateway to a place where things are a little bit better.

Touch points:

Curation of every touch point to fit the myth is essential, including the logo, colors of the cafe, the packaging, the smell, and the experience.

Hire French natives when qualified.

Stock pastries made by local French owned pastry shops or made with French recipes.

Summer Festivals: Be present at the Louisville Street Fair and Boulder Creek Festival serving crepes. Provide free samples of cream cheese stuffed and chocolate covered strawberries, reinforcing the Parisian theme of fresh fruit, great pastries and romance. Packaging must represent the brands identity at a glance.

Upon seating guests at the cafe, always provide free of charge a little something such as one of the strawberries provided at the festivals, reinforcing the Parisian theme of fresh fruit, great pastries, romance and the good life. A little extra while expecting nothing in return goes a long ways.

Salon de Paris: Actively support the arts as they have in Paris for centuries.  Keep a curated collection of art on the walls. Hold wine tastings on First Friday art walks through out the summer.

Design invoices, receipts, packaging.

Holiday cards: Design holiday cards faithful to the brand.  Send them out to customers at that special time of year, letting them know the cafe cares.

Finally, create a plan to consistently manage the touch points.


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