Reiteration / Refining The Question More.

Louisville is :
91% white
50% 34 and younger
82% college graduates
70% democrat
$109,717 Average Household Income

Tie the narrative to a myth/modern american values.

This has little to do with the coffee shop.  It has to do with peoples perception of the shop, and how its trying to differentiate itself.

What sort of american values does Louisville share with this shop? Love, peace, coexistence, good will, community and progress.

What sort of perception does it have?  How does it want to differentiate itself?  Better coffee and a better community.

How could I craft a narrative that relies on some sort of american values ( What matters right now? love, peace, coexistence,  good will, community ) to differentiate a coffee shop within the marketplace?

Remember: What is the narrative problem which if I solve, helps me create something that brings in more business?

***What kind of narrative could be crafted, relying on the modern American values of love, coexistence, good will, and community, to effectively inspire joining the brand that is Cafe de Paris, rather than just buying from it, while differentiating the brand within the marketplace?***

Should the community deliver the message?  Should the message be about coffee & tea?  I don’t think so.

Perhaps instead about the values of the people who come in – effectively associating Cafe de Paris with the values of Louisville?

How could we make the community part of the narrative?


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