Notes from Critique

I have designed verbal masturbation.

All I am really trying to do is look in to is how can brand utilize ideas of community and entrepreneurship? That’s all this is.

Interaction has narrative. You don’t make an interactive narrative. You can make an interactive book – the book is interactive and the book has narrative and the interactions within the book carry narrative.

Flipping a light on and off is interaction. How you flip the light on and off is the narrative.

So what I am creating is an interactive shop. Some of the ways in which this shop will be interactive are providing a way for the community to give their input as far as modifications to the shop, allowing them to paint bricks on the walls, or design the prints on coffee shop bags.

How does any of this tie to creating/looking into aspects of brand? ANSWER THIS

“I’m giving him things.  Are things a brand?” I say I am giving interactions.

Finally : I am going to create a brand strategy. I am not going to create a product. I am going to create information graphics, a roll-out of a brand strategy that utilizes narrative. Specifically the idea of the American values of community and entrepreneurship as they are tied to this particular coffee shop. Describe the touch points. Create a nice little brochure that rolls out the entire strategy, all the touch points, and how the narrative is interconnected amongst all these things to create the idea in the mind of the consumer that promotes through the idea of American entrepreneurship and community a brand that is competitive and differentiates itself within its specific marketplace.

I am making things now.


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