A Solution

At this time love and community are very relevant in America.

Some relevant statistics below :

91% white
50% 34 and younger
82% college graduates
70% democrat
$109,717 Average Household Income

My Question : What kind of narrative could be crafted, relying on the modern American values of love, community and entrepreneurship, to effectively inspire joining the brand that is Cafe de Paris, rather than just buying from it, while differentiating the brand within the marketplace?

My solution to the question, with regards to my target market and current trends, is to design a program ( not a computer program ) that makes the coffee shop an ongoing narrative encouraging the modern American values of love and community through interaction.

Through this program community participation could take the form of decisions about modifications to the shop, or bringing students in to paint their own bricks on a wall ( which has its own symbolism ), or providing to the community the chance to have their designs printed for a period of time on the outside of coffee bags.

When the narrative becomes interactive it becomes intertwined with the community which makes it the community coffee shop. This could inspire joining the brand rather than just buying from it, while creating differentiation within the marketplace as no shop in the area currently has such a narrative in effect.

In essence the community becomes a part of the narrative and the shop becomes something they hold dear.


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