Notes from Critique Monday, April 29th

How could a motion based narrative  promoting the cafe inform those who are looking for information, and inspire them to join the brand rather than just buying from it, while differentiating it within the saturated marketplace

I am getting closer.

How is narrative not as effective as it could be within a brand?

I have to figure out specifically what I want to look at.

I am still asking too broad a question.

What kinds of things am I thinking about to craft a narrative to differentiate this cafe within the marketplace?

The idea of rebirth is tied to what? How is narrative tied to rebirth? Its about the rebirth of the shop. We are not interested in the shop.

Does this (rebirth) tie into some sort of myth? Some sort of national ideal or moral value?

What kind of narrative is it? This is the narrative question. For example : How could I create a narrative that relies on the american myth to differentiate a coffee shop within a marketplace? <— This is being very specific in relation to the narrative question.

As I craft this I shouldnt care about the coffee shop/owner.  They are just a vehicle.  It has very little to do with this coffee shop.

This has to do with peoples perception of this coffee shop, and how it’s trying to differentiate itself on this block.

Maybe it has everything to do with small town America, the small town myth, and small town America ties into certain types of storytelling and myths. Small business, entrepreneurship, the dream of owning your own business, roads paved with gold. These are all American.

Whatever I do I have to reduce it to : what is actually the problem? For our purposes it needs to relate to narrative.

The problem is not differentiating – that is the end goal. What is the narrative problem which if I solve will help me create something that solves the differentiation/more business problem?

Think of this as problems within problems.

They want more business. How do we attract more business, how do we create brand? This leads to the question what story are we going to tell to attract more business? This is a narrative question.

What is the narrative problem which if I solve, helps me create something that brings in more business?  This is a narrative question. Then what elements of narrative do I have to look at to create an effective narrative that can differentiate and attract business.

I have to answer the central question first. Go in order.

More effective narrative creates a more effective brand which creates more business.

Personas work for some people.  Or I could look at cultural studies, look at trends, look at speech, look at systemic ways people are drawn to things, look at systems, look at the fundamental building blocks that create these things.

Systems are a thread that connect your personas.

In this case I want to think about how am I creating an effective narrative to solve my problem?  This is the main concern of this project.


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