The Prudential Ad is a Great Mentor

The Prudential ad is one of the most poetic pieces of narrative I’ve ever seen promoting a company and it is all about rebirth. To understand how the piece works I have written down the entire text for the 4 minute piece.

Prudential (rebirth)

If you want your kids to follow in your footsteps watch where you put your feet.

Associating using Prudential with being wise.

The biggest generation in american history is retiring.
10,000 people every day.

This is M.A-R. on his day one. 7/30/11

People look at you and determine whether or not you can dress them.  When I first started I was just selling.  You know, clerking really is what I should say.  I didn’t really learn how to sell till a few years into it, ya know, okay theres an art to it.  You need to dress the part.

2 + 2 = ?  It’s interesting because its a story.  Where is he going with this?

I sold mens suits for 19 years. I just became firm about it.  I’m done the moment I can access the retirement plan, ya know. Im outta here. There was a little bit of trepidation. Not quite sure what the next phase was going to be.  Ya know, this is what yo been doin.  Ya know, working working  working  working  working. And now you’re talking about, well, you know, I wont be, and thing become really crystallized. it just hits you fast.  You know you start thinking about whats really important here?

A problem is defined.  A call is sounded.

I actually envisioned and looked forward to the time of being a grandfather. It was almost like I had skipped the father part. But I look forward to this time here. Ya know, and my grandson calls me grandpa, and my littlest one, my great grand daughter – she calls me papa.  See I just fall apart at the seams at that kind of stuff. That’s what makes me.

Ya know I think I can do it a little differently. Like for lack of a better word I didn’t wana suck. As a father or as a grandfather. I just didn’t wana do that.

Call answered.

It is truly the first sunrise of the next phase of your life, you know.

There’s the line!  What this story is all about.

So far so good.

I been working since I was 16 in one job or the other, and now I get a chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids.

Associating using Prudential with what matters.

When you get married you take the woman and you get in the boat and the waters smooth as glass. Sometimes it might get a little choppy. Sometimes it might get very choppy. The point is though, if there’s enough love, stay in the boat. And thats the key with family is.. Stay in there. It gives me a reason to be here. You know.. Its my world. Thats my world.

Mujahid Abdul-Rashin

Associating using Prudential with getting through the hard times, with family, love, and good things in general.  2 + 2 = ?  We don’t know where this will go.  We can imagine.



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