Question Revision

How can I craft a narrative that relies on the American myth to differentiate the coffee shop within the saturated marketplace?

Cafe de Paris is a small coffee shop on Main Street in old town Louisville. The old main drag has become saturated with coffee shops that have moved in over the last few years, each one taking a bite out of business.
Targeting a persona, what kind of narrative relying on the American myth could promote the cafe could inspire joining the brand rather than just buying from it, while differentiating it within the saturated marketplace?

Form of Narrative : Rebirth ( for a quest ) From my perspective, from what I know about the owner, the history of the cafe, where it is now as a business, as a family, and what it can offer, I think the narrative should be about rebirth and the beginning of a quest. A quest to make a good thing even better. A quest in your life.  A cup of coffee is just the beginning.


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