Outline for Motion Piece

1 ) A personal story about the owner/cafe’s past ( what is being left behind ) Where’s she going with this?

2 ) Things come to a head.  She was not sure what to do,so she asked herself what she wanted, what mattered to her? The question is left open, a call is sounded.

3 ) She talks about what mattered to her, why she stayed in business, what the shop and the customers and her employees meant to her. It brings her to today. The people who have come into her life because of this cafe. The call is answered.

4 ) The line “it starts with a cup of coffee”.  The start of the rest of your life and all its possibilities.

5 ) A story associating the cafe with what matters: family, friends, your dreams.

6 ) Owner talks about what she’s learned about family, friends ad dreams. We leave it as 2 + 2 = ?  We don’t know where it will go for the cafe or its owner, but we can imagine, we can join her.


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