Post Critique

After a good critique Thursday I am trying to solve the problems with my question. I may have been looking at this the wrong way.  This project is not about solving a problem within narrative, but trying to solve a problem using narrative. If that is not the case, perhaps it is at least better for me at this point to think of it in those terms.  The following questions I have some interest in:

QUESTION 1 : How can students contributing to a narrative help promote learning and creativity?

This question brings me back to middle school when in math class we followed the Iditarad Sled Race across the Great North. Over the course of several weeks we followed the teams, learning about them and making calculations.  We followed closely, we revised our calculations, and tried to figure out who would be where and when and ultimately who would win the race?

The quote “involve me and I will understand” holds some water for me.  Especially when that involvement is attached to an inspiring narrative such as this dog race.  It was a great experience, and as I remember it, it was one of the few times I actually saw value in learning about mathematics.  I think it could be hugely helpful to children if we were to tie education to an inspiring narrative whenever possible.

My idea for this involves creating an partnership between students and adventure riders.  Adventure riders ride motorcycles across continents and countries, through many different cultures, landscapes, cities and towns both small and large.  The adventures are stories in themselves.  This partnership I think could provide some great opportunities for interactivity, involvement, and narrative which could promote learning and inspiration among students.

QUESTION 2 : How can narrative be used to create additional value for an object or service and differentiate it from similar competition within the marketplace?

I have always had a great interest in branding, how people work and why they think what they think.  I would like to become skilled in this area so that I may make a positive difference in the world some day.  But to do that I have to start small and get my arms around one thing at a  time.

Option 2.1 (refined) : How could an illustrator create value for their service or product,  and differentiate themselves using narrative in a motion video?

Option 2.2 (refined): How could narrative be used in a motion piece to create additional value for a coffee shop, its products and service, and differentiate it from competition with in the marketplace?

QUESTION 3 : How could a visual narrative help educate children and family on safety in the wilderness?

Summer is coming.  Families and scouts and those who just love the outdoors will head to the mountains to escape the heat and get some fresh air.  But my experience with my own friends, family and those I meet on the trail lead me to believe few know how to enjoy the mountains and their furry inhabitants safely and responsibly.  How could a comic or poster designed to be placed at trail heads help educate children and family on safety in the wilderness?


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