Thoughts & Thought Map

What kinds of narrative create a deeper brand?

Everything begins with understanding your target audience, their nature, their culture and semiotic system.

Intrusive advertising is dying. Relevance is necessary. Choice is here.  Does this mean the poster is becoming obsolete? Perhaps.

Or maybe it just needs to evolve? On a train for example, instead of a traditional poster, you use digital, dynamic posters, or screen based ads, which are moderated according to who will be riding that train at that moment.  Communication with mobile devices and social networks could further tailor the ads you see.

In some age groups attention spans are very short.  In some they are longer.  Information overload is an issue.  The trend seems to suggest further simplification of message is needed now, and in the future.  Taking into account the average attention span lasts 8 seconds, should a communication be designed to begin and finish within those 8 seconds?

Story is needed.

What kinds of narrative create deeper brands with these things in mind? What mediums? Multiple mediums working together in unison? How do you know when to use a poster, a motion piece, or audio, or a combination of the three? Is one more effective than another in starting the process of cultivating a relationship from the initial contact? What is the most effective combination of mediums?

Thought map :


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