Connected – The Story of Brands

Storytelling is central to branding.

Why do brands succeed or fail to connect with their audience?
To be certain you will connect you need to consider the five levels:

Level 1: Reciprocity, drive and enthusiasm

Level 2: Inspiration, persuasion and motivation

Level 3: Trust and authenticity

Level 4: Choice and freedom

Level 5: Happiness

Great brands can build stories moving the customer through all five levels.

Level 1: Stories of what the company gives to  the customer how it makes the customer feel. What we give.

Level 2: Stories that describe effect of our brands  on our customers. What we create.

Level 3: Stories of the company or brand philosophy behind the brand. What we become known for.

Level 4: Stories that customers tell about purchasing or acquiring the brand. What customers get.

Level 5: Stories that customers tell of using the brands. What customers want.

You must go through these stories in order to produce trust.

Stories that motivate , inspire and persuade people are important. You can’t create trust and authenticity without desire!

Lastly its been well-studied that people become givers through reciprocity, giving without expectation of receiving. The enthusiasm crafted in level 1 that creates the drive and reciprocity is essential to gain access to people minds.


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