Reasearch: Storytelling Maps- Storytelling Creating Tools

Cinderella – a universal story.

“To help me I created the “Four Circle Story Map” as a way to breakdown the contents of a story into its building blocks. The Story Map can be used to either dissect story into its components or to build a compelling story from scratch. As all brand architects know get the brand story straight in the early days is vital to create effective brand communication and sales.”


“A good story is defined by how a protagonist moves to resolve a conflict in its journey, employing empathetic traits to engage an audience and live true to its outer motivation.”

The following can be used as a tool

  1. Story Set Up: What we need to know in the stories history
  2. Protagonist: Who is the protagonist
  3. Conflict: What conflict faces the protagonist
  4. Outer Motivation: What is the motivation for the protagonist (to win, to return, to grow etc)
  5. Deep issues: What larger issues does the story deal with ) poverty, injustice)
  6. Opportunity: What prize is on offer to protagonist
  7. Arc: how will the protagonist change over the course of the story (Frightened bystander to confident activist)
  8. Empathy: In what way will the protagonist take (humorous, powerful, likable)
  9. Tension: What is the unspoken feeling feeding the conflict based on the deeper issues the story talks to

“When i’m creating brand stories I use this to see where the brand will be used. What role does it play in the story and to keep the brand in the story relevant and authentic. I think this helps you focus on who your audience is. How your brand will fit into their narrative and how you might want to tap into that life narrative with your communications.”


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